Billboard promotion is one small part of the out-of-home advertising industry that has the potential to reach large groups of consumers who are constantly on the move, be it traveling to work, shopping or running errands.

If you’re looking for a continuous advertising presence that has the potential to attract a sizeable percentage of your prospective buyers, then billboard advertising is for you.

We at Marcomms Media will walk you through the process of billboard placement, including the locations that generate the strongest impact for your product or service, the size of your billboard ad, the length of your campaign, and the kind of content that will make for a strong representation of your message, and your business. You can have anything from one billboard in a particular area or many across your city, county, region or even nationally.

The emergence of digital billboard advertising is proving to be the most dynamic and fastest growing area in the outdoor advertising industry. Also referred to as digital signage, this new and exciting medium has the capability of engaging your target audience like no other, in addition to extending the reach and effectiveness of your marketing message.

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