Clean Advertising is a sustainable advertising phenomenon that is taking the UK by storm and using this form of street media will enable you to interact with audiences like never before. Using only eco-friendly methods for our Clean Advertising campaigns, we provide an innovative, cost effective clean advertising solution with a real commitment to sustainability.


  • It’s a unique way of marketing by boosting your awareness and is cost effective.
  • No chemicals are used, only water and the fuel that powers our equipment.
  • It’s fully mobile and we can take our equipment to any location you require.
  • Lasts from 1-6 months depending on weather conditions, type of surface, footfall traffic and street cleaners.


When walking down the street people rarely notice posters or billboards as they blend into the background and are the usual backdrop for any city/town location. These types of advertising are a very costly investment. Clean Adverts or Reverse Graffiti however, is noticed due to the fact that it is an unusual way of advertising that people cannot help but notice. We often find when one person looks at an advert, due to curiosity, people around look at the advert too.

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