At Marcomms Media, we realise the power of technology and how it can influence a consumer’s buying decisions. That’s why we believe that digital advertising is the wave of the future, the perfect medium to enhance that relationship. Whether it’s an outdoor digital billboard ad, a large LED screen placed in a high traffic area, or a scrolling light box poster, know that Marcomms Media will customize and adapt your digital marketing campaign to meet your budgetary and creative needs.

dig5Digital media displays are the perfect marketing tool for your business, leveraging brand awareness and informing the consumer at the same time. Marcomms Media can help with the placement of these colorful, high-quality digital displays and with the targeting of customers specific to your business, always in the most exclusive locations.

The exact cost of digital billboard advertising depends on several factors including: location, demand, time of the year and campaign duration. Location means how many people will be viewing this billboard daily.