As you approach any new advertising campaign, there are several mediums to consider as viable vehicles to spread your message. Bearing in mind the various forms of media to add to your marketing mix, it’s important to note the numerous advantages of radio advertising. When done correctly, a direct response radio advertising campaign can yield profitable new customers and incredible ROI.

Radio has the ability to reach people at relevant times and places.

  • If you want to talk to them about cars why not do it when they’re in their car?
  • If you want to talk to them about work, then speak to them while they are there, and similarly;
  • If you want to direct them online, why not talk to them when they’re consuming a medium that enhances the online experience?

Online Radio Advertising

Small business owners (SMBs) have many advertising options to choose from when trying to grow their brand and reach new customers.  However, one of the most effective advertising tools is often overlooked and misunderstood by SMBs: Online Radio Advertising. Online Radio Advertising is effective because it is a relatively low cost advertising medium that enables SMBs to deliver their message to wide audiences.

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