Like other entrepreneurs, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the Social Media landscape. However, using Social Media as a complement to other online and offline strategies is absolutely critical. Marcomms Media makes Social Media work for you. Many new and emerging businesses, as well as more established companies, are still trying to understand the value of social media and what it means to today’s businesses.

Which social media platform is right for your business?

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn? If that isn’t overwhelming enough, don’t forget about Vimeo, Flickr, bebo, slideshare, digg, WordPress and much more.

Marcomms Media advises its clients to take an integrated approach to social media marketing. It’s a strategy that allows businesses to reach a broader, more targeted audience. Because companies are being forced to keep up with the competition and in many cases find newer and quicker ways to communicate their message and support their brand, the importance of developing a social media strategy is greater than ever.

Marcomms Media will assess your social media needs, implement a strategy, build your solution and provide training.

Facebook & Twitter Pages

Get More Facebook Likes


Facebook is an undeniably important part of a business’ marketing strategy.

Did you know that As of August 2014, there have been 1.35 billion people using Facebook each month? If there was any time to help the growth and popularity of your business, the time is now. Here at Marcomms Media, we believe that the theory in gaining 10,000 “likes” on Facebook is one of the many successful ways to help your business grow.  We strive to help your business achieve this goal and assure your satisfaction with the results.

Get More Twitter Followers


If you’re thinking that Facebook is the only social media tool your business needs, here is a look at what Twitter statistics are showing:

  • As of August 2014 Twitter has 288 million monthly active users and sees 500 million tweets on a daily basis.
  • Every second 750 tweets are being shared.
  • There are about 400,000 new visitors daily.

With these statistics alone, you can see that Twitter allows you to greatly connect with your followers. Both Facebook and Twitter can boost the popularity and visibility of your business- and when used together, both tools can be a very powerful marketing strategy. With the help of Marcomms Media, your business will certainly see the results you are looking for with plenty of followers on the way.

Email Marketing & E-blasts


Marcomms Media offers an affordable way to continually stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Effective email marketing thru the use of online newsletters will ensure affordable communication of your message. Our expert Creative Team will design your newsletter template to emulate the look and feel of your website. Marcomms Media is available to manage your campaign based on your objectives.

Blog Writing & PR

You provide the inspiration and we will provide the rest.

Marcomms Media will take the time to write, edit and promote your content. We will keep your blog running smoothly and will keep it updated regularly. As your needs and business evolve, your blog will evolve and your online presence will remain current and interesting.

There are many benefits to blog writing. Here are just a few…

  • Business blogging makes for an effective tool to generate search engine friendly traffic (SEO).
  • Blogs will generate interest while keeping your prospects interested in visiting regularly for tips, advice and general information.
  • Blogs enable you to talk directly to your customers and prospects without editorial filters.
  • Blogs are also the cornerstone of a productive social media and / or search engine optimisation strategy.